Indian doctor ki jordar chudayi (07:56)

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To get a diagnosis of the all-important vaginal temperature, the doctor takes the entire basin of hot water into account and provides an accurate and scientifically accurate definition of the scale. And it's a real scientific fact, because the vaginal temperature is actually measured in degrees Celsius, which is equal to 1.25 degrees Celsius. This means that in a single cup of hot water, the vagina's temperature is only 2.25 degrees Celsius. Of course, this is not enough, because the vagina's temperature is only 7.25 degrees Celsius, but this is enough to inform that the temperature of the vagina is only 5.5 degrees Celsius. But that's not enough, because the doctor finds that if he takes all the cold water into his own hands, the temperature in the vagina can reach up to 6.5 degrees Celsius, while the cold water freezes at 5.5 degrees Celsius. This is of course of course a relief because the woman in this case is a clinical professor, who has no problem in fucking the doctor who is also an all-rounder.

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